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    Selling my Shaw B-150


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    Selling my Shaw B-150

    Post by mikearnopol on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:58 pm

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    Well---since I've now moved to custom woofers for all of my cabs unfortunately I have to sell a few things to finance speaker runs. This is the one that kills me. I have WAY too many amps and this is by far my favorite tube amp. Being a 60 year old wimp--the 41# amp is the one to go.
    It's essentially a B15 front end with four KT88's. Conservatively rated at 150 watts this thing is astounding. Kevin Shaw added a very functional midrange control. I've never played an all-tube amp with low end control like the Shaw. And amazing extension up top. I've played it against the Reeves and I think that the Shaw blows it away. Mercury transformers, Jensen DI out. The only tube amp that I like as much is the Schroeder Dozer---and that costs $4500.
    Very cool pull-out on the bass control for a bit more saturated overdrive. Not distorted--just a bit more "hair" on the notes. Pull-out treble boost too.
    I've only had it for six months and it's only been out of the house twice. Mint except for a small ding on the Tolex (top front center).
    Very punchy and solid in the lows. And I love those Baxandall bass and treble controls.

    $2175 new. Price includes shipping CON US.

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