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    112 features and price breakdown


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    112 features and price breakdown

    Post by mikearnopol on Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:33 pm

    a customer asked for a breakdown of the various 112's--so I thought I'd post it here. Prices went up a small bit---my grill manufacturer crapped out on me and this reflects pricing on the new grills and increases in driver costs.

    ok the 112 breakdown---

    It's available in 4 versions

    MAS112 w/18Sound woofer
    The 18Sound woofer is more mid-forward and muscular. Lots of clarity.Four 4" mids. The low end is a small bit leaner and tight. Guys that like Bergantino's and Roger Baer's cabs like this.VERY powerful.8 ohms. 800 watts power handling. Can be driven with 300 watts but it likes 400 to 500. There is a mid boost switch for REALLY aggressive mids.
    base price  $1040

    MAS112 w/Faital woofers
    The Faital woofer is bigger in the low end with just enough mid to upper bass warmth.Four 4" mids. Not at all bloated--very focused but huge sound. I prefer this one, but I'm more of an R&B and pizzicato funk guy. The mids are more neutral.There is a mid boost switch that adds a bit more mid punch. It's a more balanced, hifi presenttaion, but can get a nice, musical mid grind with the boost. 4 or 8 ohms. 1000 watt power handling, but same as the 18Sound as far as what you need to drive it.So---you can drive the 4 ohm version with most little digital amps.
    base price  $1040

    options for either of the above
    Ciare supertweeter---the 4" mids go up past 12khz--more than you need--but the Ciare adds a bit of "air" to the top end.For my playing I don't need it, but a lot of guys like it. It doesn't sound like a "bass cabinet tweeter". It does what a tweeter should do---you don't notice it when it's on---but you do when it's off. Comes with a defeat switch.  $120

    MAS 112 Essential
    18sound woofer with no mids. The 18Sound has really strong mids by itself. It goes strong to 3khz. Most of the advantages of the MAS112 at a lower price.

    MAS112 LPT
    A very efficient 112 for use with lower powered tube amps.Not quite as deep as the other 112's, but as deep as most other high end bass cabs. A 50 watt Bassman will drive it to gig volume. Warm, but surprisingly tight and punchy. Can be driven with 50 tube watts, but can handle 450 solid state watts. Can be driven hard with 100 to 150 solid state watts. Has a switch to bring a midrange hump down--so it can have a strong midrange presence or flatter response.
    The Ciare tweeter option is very nice with this cab. I use a bit lower crossover point to get a seamless integration with the woofer

    Options for all cabs--
    corner wheels (nice 3" inline skate wheels in a strong steel case) and a top center handle Makes wheeling 4 blocks to a gig a breeze!  $75

    The standard grill covers the driver area and leaves the port areas open. A full grill covers the entire area.
    full grill $60 extra

    All of the 112's have Ampeg type "dogbon"e handles--centered on the sides. Since the cabs are only 15 1/2" wide this makes for a very easy carry.

    Dimensions are
    32" tall by 15 1/2 " wide by 18 1/2 " deep
    Weights are from 50 to 55# depending on the options (the MAS112 LPT is about 49#)

    OK---I needed to do this anyway for the forums. Again, call if you have any questions.

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    Re: 112 features and price breakdown

    Post by Bottomzone on Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:39 pm

    Hi Mike,

    Is it possible to get an MA112 with the Faital 12" driver or is this only available on the MAS112? Also, is there a big difference in performance between the MA112 equipped with the Eminence 4 ohm 12" Kappalite vs the MAS112 with the Faital 4ohm 12" driver-both without the Ciare tweeter? I'm think I know the answer but I want to hear your expert opinion and explanation.

    Thank you!
    Steve Berndt
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    Re: 112 features and price breakdown

    Post by Steve Berndt on Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:06 pm

    Standardize options and only utilize the Speakon Combo jacks on all MAS cabinets.

    Much friendlier option in the real world or even in the wild.

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    Re: 112 features and price breakdown

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