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    First MA109 test



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    First MA109 test

    Post by Superbird on Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:07 pm

    Copy of my TB post, sharing is nice!

    First MA109 test last night. This was in my friends rather small 8 x 12 drum room inside of a garage. Yes, not the best place to eval, but still some very interesting results. First off is, again, it's hard to believe the sound pressure this 1x10 cab pushes. In almost 30 years of multiple bass cabs, I never heard anything like it. In the room with me was the drummer, a strong 1x12 guitar cab, and my Japan made '51 P-Bass with old flats through a Genz Benz 9.2 Shuttlemax doing mostly surf instruments, roots and Harry Mancini tunes! On the loudest tunes we were easily in the blues rock, surf band volume range and I felt like I still had some more in the tank. Sounded like the 10 was still breaking loose, just amazing. With such a tiny place, the sound spectrum and dispersion were hard to gauge for sure. I could feel the room react on some notes which dropped the volume on them. I was coupled to the carpeted floor, no iso pad. Bass was really beautiful and big, needed to cut at the amp a little. The mids sounded great, but needed a small boost to cut through. I never do this, but I cranked the highs a bit to wake the 3" drivers up. Very very cool. No spiky tweeter bite, just smooth extension. For what I play it was great. We were all floored by this cab and the guys said I should gig it with some PA support if needed. With the volume this group gets to, I never even considered the 109 for this band, I normally run a 4x10. I may be re-thinking that...

    I think the blues guys are in for a treat.
    Steve Regier

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    Re: First MA109 test

    Post by Steve Regier on Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:50 am

    Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted.

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