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    Tube Preamp for DB: how does a boutique tube pre sound with DB?



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    Tube Preamp for DB: how does a boutique tube pre sound with DB?

    Post by flatback on Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:28 pm

    I have for some time used different Preamps into my AI focus for my PU signal: most recently a Headway. I find that the Focus front end is great with a mic into it but I always bypass it for the pickup. I am soon to receive a new 46 from mike and will trot it down to try a Monique into the system (I live near Santa Cruz where they are made) ... the last time I tried a tube preamp was several years ago with very different equipment. I am wondering specifically for a jazz double bassist is the tube pre from Jule going to mud out the way it did the last time I tried a tube pre or give me some of that delicious mojo that spinning LP's thru a tube stereo gives? I have an Avalon U5 that I say Marc Johnson using into his amp and I thought it was great for a while but quickly noticed that it was too much of a good thing...what sounded great on recording sounded too heavy handed on the gig.
    Mike or anybody playing a DB thru a Monique into a 46?
    Steve Regier

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    Re: Tube Preamp for DB: how does a boutique tube pre sound with DB?

    Post by Steve Regier on Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:00 am

    I'm not a gigging player but have used a Demeter and Avalon in prototype work. I predict that you will find tube warmth and maybe some saturation that you may or may not find pleasing but the output from the MAS will stay focused and not "mud out".

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