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    headroom is good


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    headroom is good

    Post by mikearnopol on Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:34 pm

    in relation to my posts about the 210Flex

    One thing that Nomatic and I have talked about a lot.

    Headroom is everything. I was able to play lightly which actually gives you a bigger thump at the beginning of the note. If I turned down and played a bit harder the difference between the beginning "thump" and the trailing "boom". would have been less. So---at the volume I wanted to achieve there would be less difference in volume between the thump of the note and the extending pitch value of the note. The extended trail and pitch value of the note is what people hear essentially as your volume.
    The "thump" decays quick enough that it's not noticed as your "volume".

    So---if I used a smaller speaker that would give me (at its max) the correct volume trailing pitch portion of the note (which gives its perceived volume) the speaker wouldn't have the headroom to give the greater value of thump at the note beginning. That thump can be 3db higher than your essential volume. Which requires twice the amp volume and twice the speaker excursion.

    Same for the amp---if the amp is near its limit to give the correct volume of the pitch portion of the note it wouldn't have the reserves to give that extra edge to the thump.

    Does this make sense? Sorry about what might be an inarticulate meandering here.

    Headroom is good.
    Tyler Bolles
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    Re: headroom is good

    Post by Tyler Bolles on Sun Dec 08, 2013 5:36 pm

    I think I follow you...

    I just sold my Doubler, and it was for (I think) just that reason. The last gig I had it cranked through my 85, and it was crazy loud on stage for soundcheck and between songs, but with the full band I couldn't feel any attack and kept trying to play harder, to no avail (of course it could have been the room, too).

    I just bought a used Acoustic Image Focus sIII, mostly for the 800w at 4Ω for a good price. It was that or one of the Shuttlemax 12s that are up on TB for sale. Haven't received it yet, and I don't have any more super loud gigs booked for while, but we'll see!

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